Single Strand Eyelash Extensions

Single lashes are applied one on one directly to your own natural lashes. Single eyelash extensions look more natural. Our adhesive permanently attaches the extension to your own lashes and not your skin. As your eyelash grows from 30 - 90 days, the extensions will fall out with your natural lash and replaced by new younger lashes. Single lashes take about 1.5 - 2 hours to apply. To maintain the full look, refills are required between 2-4 weeks.

Other services we provide:

  • Hair-Cutting
  • Perms
  • Updo's
  • Styling
  • Waxing
  • Facials
  • Colors and Highlights


What you should do before your Eyelash Extension appointment? Remove all eye makeup and clean your lashes with mild, oil free cleanser. Do not use oil based makeup removers to clean your lashes prior to the application. Do not put on any mascara. We don't want to spend time cleaning your lashes. We'd rather spend time working on perfecting your lashes. If you wear contact lens, please remove them and wear glasses to your appointment, or bring a lens case and remove them when you arrive at your appointment. Plan to set aside 1 - 2.5 hours for your appointment. Some of my clients fall asleep during the procedure.


  • 1. Do not perm or tint lashes before or after lash extension application.
  • 2. Do not use a regular Eyelash curler to curl Extensions.
  • 3. Do not rub your eyes or lashes when washing your face. Clean around the Eyes with a wash cloth.
  • 4. Do not pull your lash extensions, as it will take out your own lash as well.
  • 5. Do not go in a Sauna while wearing Eyelash Extensions.
  • 6. Do not use Mascara.
  • 7. Do not try to remove the Extensions on your own.
  • 8. Do not cut the Extensions (you may cut your own lashes)
  • 9. Clean your eye make up without touching the Extensions.
  • 10. Remember to come in for touch ups (2-4weeks).

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